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Committed to Sustainable Hospitality

At Hotels Group Montenegro Stars, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices and improving sustainability across all aspects of our operations. This includes implementing new practices in maintenance, service, logistics, products, and supplies, which are integral to our guests' overall experience.

We prioritize training our team and educating our valued guests on sustainable practices while actively engaging with our partners. By choosing Hotels Group Montenegro Stars, you are choosing a hospitality experience that is committed to environmental responsibility and social well-being. Together, we can create a lasting positive impact on Montenegro's beautiful and untouched nature.

Green Key

Hotels Group Montenegro Stars is proud to announce that we are in the process of obtaining the prestigious Green Key certification for all our properties. The Green Key certification is based on compliance with strict internationally recognised criteria in the areas of environmental management (water, energy, waste, cleaning, etc.) and sustainability education (staff, guests, suppliers, etc.). Compliance with the criteria is confirmed through a rigorous application process and third-party verified after regular on-site audits.

For more information abouth the certificate, please have a look at the Green Key website (

Tourism Environmental Sustainability Policy

Since its establishment in 2003, Hotels Group Montenegro Stars has been promoting the redefinition of hospitality standards in Montenegro and the creation of a new image of the Montenegrin hotel industry through continuous progress and improvement of business processes and service quality.

Putting the satisfied guest and quality service in the center of attention, a long-term imperative environmental sustainability policy has been defined that contributes to the preservation of the quality of the environment and the safety of tourist resources of the Hotels Group Montenegro Stars company and is based on the following principles:

  1. Orientation towards the end users of services (guests) represents the most important strategic orientation and permanent commitment of the company's management. The basic quality standard is a sustainable service that will fully meet the requirements and exceed the guest's expectations while respecting all national and European environmental standards.

  2. The unique approach of management and all employees to the system and processes of sustainable management aims to elevate the entire organization to the level of the most successful companies in the hotel industry. Through the sustainability policy, the company ensures that new technologies, equipment and products are designed to be less polluting, more efficient, socially and culturally adapted and available worldwide.

  3. It is the responsibility of the company's management that all employees actively participate in all processes, to familiarize themselves with the essence of those processes, to understand them, to implement them both at work and at home, and to continuously improve them. The educational element of economic sustainability stands out as an important difference between new forms of tourism and conventional tourism while supporting and directly participating in green actions and community activities. Preservation of the environment that can be used by future generations is the foundation of business.

  4. The Group pays special attention to the safety and health protection of service users and employees, applying the highest safety standards, and recommends alternative forms of transport and entertainment that include reducing the carbon footprint.

  5. Equality in the employment of women and minorities and protection against the abuse of children at work is a policy on which social sustainable development is based.

  6. The ecological process of sustainable business is continuously improved in the fields of reducing waste through its selection and recycling, reducing the consumption of electrical energy and water, striving towards the introduction of alternative energy sources, using chemicals with ecological labels, treating waste water in order to protect the environment of the aquatic world, to preserve flora and fauna and to preserve and protect the quality of clean water resources. Special attention is paid to the protection of land and green oases due to the pressure of a large number of tourists on coastand the need to reduce the carbon footprint.

  7. The social process of sustainability contributes to the reduction of poverty and differences in social class through a responsible approach to the amount of food waste and striving to use products that are indigenous to Montenegro.

  8. The management of the company regularly reviews and evaluates the integrated system of ecological sustainability and initiates activities leading to its improvement, all in accordance with the strategic national plan of sustainable tourism of Montenegro.

  9. Cooperation with strategic partners and suppliers who have a "green" vision, based on the establishment of long-term partnership relations, mutual trust, loyalty and respect, represents the permanent development orientation of the "green" company, all with the aim of recognition in the market.

  10. The long-term commitment of the company's management is to contribute to the progress of the community, the environment and society as a whole in the spirit of socially responsible behavior, implementing the principles of collective philanthropy and sustainable development.
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