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All hotels of the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group are located right in the heart of the Budvanska Riviera – the most popular travel destination in all of Montenegro.


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Budva is a beautiful seaside town with a medieval fortress in the very center. The capital of Montenegro's tourism, Budva is well-known for its beautiful Mediterranean architecture, many beaches, a great number of cafés and restaurants, a busy marina, abundant nightlife, and 2 km long promenade with a spectacular view across the Adriatic Sea.

Budva is considered to be one of the oldest settlements on the Balkans. A legend says that Budva was established by Cadmus, the son of the Phoenician king Agenon, more than 2,000 years ago. The Greek and Roman civilizations had a great influence on the way of  life of this region. Upon the fall of the Roman Empire, Budva was at the crossroads of  Eastern and Western civilizations, and this had a lasting impact on the history and culture of this town. During the Middle Ages, Budva experienced the strong influence of the Venetian Republic, which ruled this town for over 300 years. Most of the buildings in the old town, as well as the town walls, were constructed during this period.

Today, Budva is the center of Montenegrin tourism and a city with an international theater festival, a  Mediterranean music festival, and other interesting cultural events. Here, all visitors will find entertainment to suit their own tastes and desires.


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Bečići is a relaxed place, just 3 km away from Budva and connected to the old town of Budva by a picturesque seaside promenade. Its beautiful beach and facilities make it an ideal choice for a peaceful vacation. Many cozy restaurants with traditional Mediterranean cuisine are just a short walk from the hotels.

Bečići beach won the Grand Prix of the World exhibition in Paris in 1935 as beeing the most beautiful beach in all of Europe. A center for bathing and relaxation, it offers a wide range of water sports and other sporting facilities. Guests with children will enjoy the many playgrounds and other attractions along the coast.

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